"Trained as an architect
and involved in design as
an editor and lecturer,
I created mein™
as a resource for
beautiful and inspiring

- Elaine Lee

Thank you!

It has been a while since mein™ has new entries on our blogs, so it is a pleasant surprise, to return to find so many kind words online. We would like to use this opportunity to highlight some blogs and websites that have mentioned us. These encouragements are what keeps us going.

As there is a limit to what we can find, please drop us a line at design.mein[at]gmail.com if you have mentioned us and we have not managed to picked it up.

Thank you and please keep the comments coming :p


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We are constantly seeking to network and connect people across the different creative disciplines. So please feel free to leave comments!

If there is anything interesting that you may wish to share with our readers please find mein™ at
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"Jeff Rudell tweeted a link today to Elaine Lee's incredible paper blog, Mein Inspiration. It features, quite literally, the motherlode of inspirational objects made from paper. If it's cut, bent, folded, crumpled, or otherwise manipulated, Elaine's got it. One of the few blogs I will certainly return to on a daily basis. Beautiful stuff."

Paul Overton
26 March 2009
As recommended @ Dudecraft